Astek University

Astek University

Keep up-to-date!

In a context where technology is developing quickly and productivity needs are leading to new working methods, the state-approved training organisation Astek University allows every individual to develop new skills and keep up-to-date!

At the University

Several study areas have been developed:




Personal Development

The University represents a true commitment to developing expertise and creates and delivers programmes for Astek clients

Project Management Office

Function Points

Discover the most popular training courses among our teams

Application security

150 employees trained in 6 months
1 scheduled session each month
Content based on the OWASP
Authentication, session management, access control, code injection


20 people trained these past 6 months
Training run by an Astek agile coach
Opportunity for certification


Training for operational and support teams
Training run by Astek Directors
Team building
Guiding towards success

Mobile technologies

Hybrid / Mobile
Technologies: Angular, Ionic, NativeScript, ReactNative, Android / iOS / Windows
Training run by Astek experts