Care Programme

CARE Attitude

Discover our CARE attitude

Reveal your potential and Evolve in a stimulating, Convivial environment where talent is Recognised, diversity valued and work/life balance important and seen as a measure of Achievement.


Our leitmotifs are developing your sense of belonging, focusing on empathy and enjoying positive working relationships and discussion with your teams and managers.

We implement good practice through local and national initiatives (after-work drinks, a new employee referral scheme, inter-company games, blog, newsletters, etc.) to bring people together and make our Group a stimulating, friendly place to work.

Company culture

Over 200 events organised each year!

(after-work drinks, evenings out, team events)


Agile working

Our regions are our agile initiative HQs

(Agile Tour partners, scrum education, Kanban, Coding Dojo)


New employee referral scheme

Each year the new employee referral scheme boosts our numbers with your network connections (friends, former student classmates, family, interns, etc.) and you are rewarded for your help!


Astek Mag'

Over 50 articles are published on our blog every year
Read them here!



Over 65 nationalities in the Group



We support our disabled employees and provide for their needs, as well as assisting organisations specialising in integrating those with a disability and supporting disability-friendly companies.



Flexible working allows individuals to balance their work and home lives



We have supported the Global Pact since 2005



We bring together complementary skills and personalities, give meaning to your work, decide on a set of values together and contribute to creating an individual and shared adventure of which we can be proud.

Your work/life balance and commitment are the cornerstones supporting our ideals. Astek’s commitment is borne out in interdisciplinary personal and professional achievement programmes.


We are guided by a desire for fairness in what we do, aim to meet your needs and expectations, value expertise as much as management, have an accessible board of directors keen to listen, know how to thank people for their efforts and encourage a feeling of recognition.

Our HR policy is designed to find a balance between performance recognition, taking specific needs into account and valuing difference.

Astek received an overall score of 94/100 on the Gender Equality Index.



Over 24% of staff are female, putting us among the top six major IT consultancies




To ensure staff are accessible to each other we have no more than five levels of hierarchy between the Director General and any member of staff




Our workshops are organised as skills centres tasked with managing our network of technical experts




Our monthly careers committees guarantee professional development opportunities are fair


Skills development


Over 500 training courses run each year!




Over 20 startups have already benefited from the Startup Program




Future opportunities clearly explained at the end of each project!




Astek won the IoT trophy with Transfarmers!



We provide value-added opportunities for your professional career by encouraging staff to gain new knowledge, supporting learning about new technologies and unleashing your creativity.

A variety of activities go on daily, allowing you to reveal your potential and develop. These include training; mentoring; advice; sideways, vertical and geographical moves; support programmes; the Startup Program, etc.

From the moment you join to assessment, via achievement monitoring, you’ll be surrounded by the Astek team – HR, project directors, managing teams – who will share in your satisfaction, emotions, challenges and successes!