Our commitments

Our Commitments

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are involved in improving the social, economic and environmental situations in which we find ourselves.
In May 2005, we began supporting the Global Pact and have been making constant progress since then in our areas of influence, principally human rights, improving working conditions and protecting the environment.

Sustainable development

A focus of ours is protecting the environment. Our approach is structured into concrete areas with a variety of eco-friendly initiatives to benefit society: a policy encouraging the use of public or alternative transport, paper recycling, careful processing of electrical and electronic waste, good practice awareness campaigns, fewer journeys thanks to videoconferencing and telephone conferences, a responsible purchasing policy, etc.


We are also concerned with the economic and social element of sustainable development, so focus our efforts on the following activities: fighting discrimination, promoting team diversity at the point of hiring, training, development, ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for men and women, company agreement on employing senior citizens.


Finally, we believe that every man and woman has potential, skills and talent that the company should support, no matter any differences they may have. For several years, Astek has committed to supporting those with a disability to encourage people to develop new, more positive beliefs and fight stigma. We have a Disability Adviser, run awareness campaigns, support organisations bringing the disabled and able-bodied together and have partnerships in the sector with ESAT centres which help disabled people into work and disability-friendly employers.