Energy Environment
énergie et environnement, ampoule électrique posée sur l'herbe

Energy Environment

Given the exponential growth in energy needs (in the last century energy consumption has increased twentyfold, while the population has only quadrupled), there is now abundant scientific data encouraging different economic players to urgently deal with the situation.

The energy sector is facing a range of challenges including ensuring efficiency and energy independence while transitioning towards more eco-friendly energy sources. To manage this energy mix transformation and keep up with market developments, energy industry players have put innovation at the heart of their approach by identifying green energy sources, improving energy efficiency and using smart, secure digital technologies.

This significant change has a direct impact on the value chain and energy sector from engineering, via energy production and equipment, to network management. Astek is a major player in this transformation and provides its expertise in different areas:

  • Developing smart grids, for example with connected meters
  • Digital transformation with the development of online stores and mobile applications for maintenance staff
  • “Green” engineering: batteries and energy storage systems; water current turbine and wind turbine design
  • Developing new nuclear power plants (EPRs) which are more effective (modelling, simulations, NS, etc.)
  • Gas and oil engineering: piping, gas pipeline monitoring, large-scale project management

Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, we are a key player in the field of energy transition.


Application design and development in the energy sector

To be part of a European project aiming to manage electricity supply versus demand, it was essential to have applications which could anticipate the electrical current load on networks in a context of cross-border trading.

Astek supported the French electricity transmission network operator in creating applications which could anticipate network load.

Astek designed all software architecture and worked on the ongoing development of these applications via a comprehensive software forge used for managing and monitoring the technical aspects of the project as it advanced.

  • Implementing bespoke technical solutions
  • Dealing with issues of sustainability, flexibility and scalability
  • Working within tight timelines
  • Front- and back-end development
  • Recommending various next-generation software tools
  • Full design of two projects
  • Java 8 / JAVA JEE
  • Apache Camel
  • Front-end: Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3
  • AngularJS / Bootstrap / LESS
  • Back-end: JERSEY / RESTful / API
  • SpringBooot / Hibernate

Digital simulation for radioactive waste storage

In a context where we hear daily about the desire to reduce the immediate and future impact of nuclear power on our environment, digital simulation tools for radioactive waste storage mean realistic scenarios can be developed and influence waste management.

Astek provides its expertise to maintain and develop simulation platforms using modelling codes and general code applications.

  • Experts in modelling, applied mathematics and IT
  • Quality assured processes
  • Uninterrupted service and continuous improvement
  • Python, Qt
  • C, C++
  • Fortran 77/90, XML
  • Open MPI, SVN, Linux