Research & Innovation

Our ambition


Innovation is in the DNA of the Astek Group. Therefore, it is natural that it’s being set at the heart of Astek’s development processes by conducting ambitious innovation programs on own funds. The main stakes are the development of skills by junior engineers, the emergence of recognized specialists, the animation of communities and the technical and commercial support for projects.

A Research and Innovation department is dedicated to carrying out this process.

Our strategy


Research and Innovation contribute to the developpement of the Astek offer thanks to:

An open and collaborative research that maximizes our potential by providing external resources: competitiveness cluster projects, Cifres thesis, R&D collaboration agreements, research fundings…

The support to projects by the development of expertises in new technology fields and breaking technical locks…

The support to operational marketing in the bidding process.

The goal is to unveil new ideas and to bring them to maturity using an incubator dedicated only to our employees; and thus enable the creation of startups.

Our orientations


The research and innovation programs are structured according to 2 complementary axes:

Scientific and technical Innovation

Develop new knowledge around the latest technologies to remove scientific and technical barriers that hinder the development of innovation.

Product and service innovation

Integrate innovative technologies into new solutions and products/services, illustrated by models, proof of concept, demonstrators or prototypes.


Astek relies on the experience of expert consultants in collaboration with academic partners and collaboration agreements with startups, SMEs or its customers.

Our approach


“Craft now tomorrow’s future”

Astek is involved in sustainable development. For instance, it has earned the ISO 14001 label thanks to its integrated management sytem. This “sustainable” footprint incorporates research programs which almost all include an environmental dimension (mastering alternative energies…) or a societal dimension often oriented towards personal assistance (solutions to disabilities…).

The technological areas implemented in Astek’s R&I programs adress:

    • New information technologies : AI, Bigdata, Blockchain…
    • Scientific disciplines of engineering such as algorithmic calculation, image processing and signal processing


The Astek’s R&I programs also take into account the major technological concerns brought by the 3rd millennium. Thus, almost all programs deal with the safety of people, goods and data. That includes privacy stakes, solutions for geater autonomy regarding hardware and/or software devices, especially those which are able to analyse situations, and to propose or to make decisions on their own.

The technological areas also cover the key technologies of tomorrow’s intelligent systems such as:

  • Communicating objects (IoT) with their computation and consumption constraints, telecommmunications, data cloud processing…
  • Intelligent systems’ sensors for a perception of the telemetric, sound and electromagnetic environnements…

Astek Startup Program


Believe in the potential of your ideas, we believe in you


Are you an entrepreneur with an idea you believe has potential? Don’t have precise specifications for it or enough financial resources to launch? Instead of starting out with an inflexible provider, benefit from the excellent synergy between the startup feel and innovative skills of an international IT consultancy.

Since its creation, Astek has made innovation the cornerstone of its development strategy. This ambition is a key part of the group’s DNA and is borne out year after year through the « Startup Program ».

The programme aims to see new ideas hatch and incubate the startups which will bring them to fruition.

Young entrepreneurs are focused on business development issues and need support to create the application environment for their innovative idea. The Astek Startup Program provides these young startups with personalised help, making available the resources they need to develop.

Our innovative vision, agile methodology and commitment are assets which result in quick time-to-market and successful projects.


In the past 10 years more than 20 startups have been incubated!