Join the Astek Innovation Lab

We create ground-breaking new innovations in the field of digital transformation at our Innovation Lab.

Its mission : To be the catalyst for innovative ideas and a talent incubator within Astek.

It is a place for research and mutual enrichment in the image of its researchers allowing individuals to discover new functional and technical areas, consolidate knowledge and learn about technological concepts from each other.

The Lab’s researchers are students in industrial research program (CIFRE) or engineers in-between two clients projects. They aim to explore the new technologies created by today’s and tomorrow’s digital advances, model them as proofs of concept and then experiment with the new systems based on these cutting-edge technologies.

The fruits of this research and achievement allow us to support our clients with ground-breaking, innovative, validated and high value-added solutions.

I graduated from Telecom ParisTech and spent twenty or so years working in project management, strategy, new operator launches and consulting in the telecoms sector.
After six years in the United States where I was involved in the growth of the dot-com bubble and four years at ARCEP (the agency regulating telecoms in France) at a time when the sector was being reorganised, I joined Astek Group as a Consultant Manager. My new role included supporting major network companies with digital transformation, running projects, managing structures and coaching managers. Since May 2017, I have been working on a new challenge at the Group’s headquarters with responsibility for our research activities done through the Innovation Lab.
I hope to see it grow, so join me if you are passionate about innovation!

François V.
Astek Innovation Director

The latest trends seen by the Lab

The IoT and environmental impact are the main internal research concerns.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • Transfarmers

The first ever connected flowerpot composter won three prizes at the 2016 Connected Objects & Services competition: the “Connected Objects & Services Trophy”, the “SophiaConf Grand Prize” and the “Orange Prize”. It combines a useful function (reprocessing waste) with a handy result (a plant which no longer needs to be watered) and is odourless and attractive. The composter has a low consumption module and uses the LoRa network. This is a fun way to promote eco-friendly initiatives; to truly see and assess environmental impact.

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  • Connected helmet

This helmet remembers and stores a skier’s route, uses geolocation and can alert the emergency services or a loved one in an accident.

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  • Klick button

This biodegradable device generates its own energy. It has a button which allows you to automate certain repetitive workplace tasks such as sending an email, opening a door, calling a taxi, etc.


Big data has enormous potential and many of its uses are still to be discovered. The Lab has naturally chosen to concentrate on prediction and decision-making.

Big Data

Big Data

  • Square Predict

This predictive platform combines open-source technology and DevOps to assess the severity of a climate event in real-time by analysing social media data and open data information. It can also estimate the amount of damage caused by the event.

  • Predictive CRM

Astek uses internal data to incorporate data science modules in digital services company management processes. This offers consultants value-added services so they can find professional opportunities and provides business teams (in marketing, sales, technical and HR) with effective predictive tools adapted to every need.

The Lab to 2020

Astek is aware that innovation naturally develops in multiple different directions so encourages research into societal benefits (sustainable development, charity, disability, etc.), the subjects chosen by our partner researchers and laboratories and the most promising innovative technologies.

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Astek Startup Program


Believe in the potential of your ideas: we believe in you


Are you an entrepreneur with an idea you believe has potential? Don’t have precise specifications for it or enough financial resources to launch? Instead of starting out with an inflexible provider, benefit from the excellent synergy between the startup feel and innovative skills of an international IT consultancy.

Since its creation, Astek has made innovation the cornerstone of its development strategy. This ambition is a key part of the group’s DNA and is borne out year after year through the “Startup Program”.

The programme aims to see new ideas hatch and incubate the startups which will bring them to fruition.

Young entrepreneurs are focused on business development issues and need support to create the application environment for their innovative idea. The Astek Startup Program provides these young startups with personalised help, making available the resources they need to develop.

Our innovative vision, agile methodology and commitment are assets which result in quick time-to-market and successful projects.


In the past 10 years more than 20 startups have been incubated!