Application & Mobile device management
application mobile et tablette

Application & Mobile Device Management

With the advent of digital technologies, new types and uses of B2B and B2C business applications are shaking things up and creating new expectations around mobile technology and immediacy.


Astek provides a complete service to provide mobile technology through different approaches for an optimum user experience in any context

“Multi-format” approach

Maximise mobile application impact, visibility and performance and offer an advanced user experience, cloud/M2M connectivity and integrated third-party services (NFC, GPS, etc.) with platforms designed to suit client ecosystems:

  • Native technology design: iOS (Objective-C, Swift); Android (Java, SDK); Windows Phone (WinJS)
  • Hybrid technology design (Cordova, PhoneGap, Xamarin, NativeScript, Ionic)
  • Responsive design expertise

“Mobile-first” approach

A different way to develop with mobile as the focus, whether it be smartphone, tablet, TV or smartwatch. Concentrate on the essential, minimise latency and optimise ease of use and application responsiveness on any network:

  • UI expertise
  • UX expertise

“Customer centric” approach

Awareness of all elements required for a successful e-commerce project, determine the best time to launch and the best medium; facilitate engagement, client loyalty, retention and e-reputation to improve the client’s digital footprint:

  • Experts in time-to-market
  • Experts in go-to-market
  • Experts in web marketing techniques and digital m-commerce strategy

“Mobile factory” approach

Experiment with new web standards, compare them, set them against each other, continuously challenge what we think we know, encourage collaborative prototyping and quickly deliver on simplicity, intuitiveness and speed regardless of target:

  • Multidisciplinary team (scrum masters, project leadership, mobile technology consultants, UX/UI consultants, change consultants)
  • Agile methodology expertise
  • Multi-format technological expertise
  • UX/UI expertise


Digitising a hospital information system

Astek was asked to work on a digital transformation project for a hospital group involving designing a new generation of their administrative and medical software programs on multiple media and in multiple formats for use in their establishments.


  • Specifications, implementation, qualification testing and deployment for applications and new web and mobile technologies for the hospital information system as well as integrating apps into the system
  • Implementation, qualification testing and deployment of Oracle database components (processing and data) within the information system


  • Visual Studio and TFS, SQL Server, .NET 4, ASP.NET, MCV3, C#, WCF, HTML
  • JS, Ajax (jQuery and jQueryUI), CSS, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Silverlight 4
  • HTML5, JS, CSS3, PhoneGap
  • Oracle 8, 9 and above (SQL*Forms 6 and above, PL/SQL, SQL, C++, Pro*C)

Mobile suite for pilots created using scrum methodology

The aim was to give airline pilots a suite of integrated tools to allow them to prepare for and facilitate flights and non-connected, non-smart maintenance operations. Astek developed a solution within a tight time-to-market timeline featuring a suite of tools which could be accessed on different mediums and in different connectivity contexts.

  • New functions implemented
  • Responsive design development
  • Adapted to different platforms
  • Architecture creation
  • Tool set established
  • System needs defined
  • Software design and development
  • Testing and integration into the final platform
  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and two-factor authentication added


  • Web, iOS, Windows 8, AngularJS, Angular Material.
  • NoSQL , CouchDB et- HTML, Javascript et CSS
  • Swift , WinJS
  • Cesium, Sonar, Docker, Stash
  • GIT
  • JIRA Agile