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Astek is a key player in virtualisation, micro-services and Docker

In a context where digital transformation is no longer optional and mastering complex information systems is a major challenge, companies need to prove they are agile in how they are organised and the technologies they use. They must go further to work on the triple concerns of quality, cost and timelines.

Astek has worked for many years on virtualisation, micro-services architecture and standardising production chains using a DevOps approach. Its wealth of Docker expertise means it can support major clients with these technologies and agile methodologies which have been the key to success for web giants.

Our expertise:

  • Optimising the use of available infrastructures
  • Facilitating application modernisation
  • Increasing up-time
  • Minimising development processing time

Docker micro-services architecture gives information systems:

  • Internal cohesion thanks to function division
  • Low service compliance allowing parallel change
  • Technical agnosticism resulting in multiple implementation possibilities
  • Native isolation allowing service orchestration to be standardised
  • Quick development, testing and deployment in the production environment

The advantages give the company a competitive edge, allowing it to:

  • Minimise time-to-market
  • Maximise technical agility
  • Facilitate reuse
  • Ensure it can cope with incidents
  • Optimise the available resources
  • Ensure excellent up-time

With Docker virtualisation you can combine the benefits of virtualisation (emulation on virtual machines with their own OS and applications) and micro-services architecture (dividing monolithic applications into light, interoperating and loosely coupled services) in a DevOps environment. This agile approach simplifies application architecture by making it more robust, facilitating developmental and corrective maintenance and allowing almost instant and unprecedented levels of service deployment around service recovery and load balancing.

What the experts say

Docker’s flexibility means Astek can develop projects in ways to precisely suit client needs. Anomalies can be dealt with more easily by providing robust and scalable solutions. Virtualisation and containerisation technologies expand the range of languages that can be used. Finally, they enable better infrastructure cost management and continually adapt to usage load.

Alexandre P.
Astek DEVOPS Consultant

Docker virtualisation and containerisation allow for rapid testing and prototyping as well as better resource management. Standardising the development process has allowed us to significantly speed up on-boarding. Now any new project participant can install the environment required themselves in just a few minutes and be operational straight away.

Olivier D.
Astek DEVOPS Consultant