Collaborative solutions
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Collaborative solutions

Today, work is something we do rather than a place where we go. As workload and complexity increase, so do expectations of productivity. As a result, we must adapt and be creative and innovative…

We believe that successful digital transformation in the working environment should involve tools with interactive, collaborative and participatory features for company staff. The focus must be on finding information quickly and easily being able to share it.

The workstation digital revolution

The combination of “organisation, tools and staff” and consistent, relevant collaborative solutions which help the business and create value are the keys to digital workplaces, making a company more agile and keeping it ahead of the competition!

Our strengths

  • Committed support for results on end-to-end projects and complete application areas
  • Production and maintenance teams led with fully managed services
  • Better capitalisation, transformation into a service centre and specialist work unit catalogues
  • Technical experts passionate about Microsoft and open source technologies
  • Technical monitoring and innovation unit (PoC, prototypes)
  • Strategic partnership with content editors

Astek will design your digital ecosystem around products and services which facilitate collaboration, communication and customised working tools including intranets, extranets and collaborative portals. We also commit to setting up CSNs (Corporate Social Networks)


Collect, organise, manage and archive your content effectively.


Discuss business content or a project by easily sharing contextualised, enhanced information.


Streamline, disseminate and store information on key company knowledge.


Model and automate information flow to boost efficiency.


Manage incidents and problems, control releases.


Marketing videos, films explaining how to use applications, FAQs, social media.

Portfolio of expertise

What the experts say

Today’s working environment is no longer just a physical location. It has to be accessible at any time; from anywhere and any device. We are seeing new digital tools emerge which need to be standardised to ensure they are coherent as we create this new working environment which must provide an excellent and comprehensive user experience.

Beyond the tools, we believe there is a new philosophy at play: an environment which adapts to the human being and how they use it, rather than the reverse. With its spirit of collaboration, the digital workplace founded on cooperation, mobility and the digitisation of a bricks and mortar company concept gives users flexibility with the promise of productivity for businesses.

Maxence M.
Directeur de projets, Astek

I have been an expert in the Astek Group Digital Workplace O365/SharePoint team for five years. I also work on application architecture and agile design for the business solutions we offer clients. Our “Customer Focus” approach means we work closely with our clients to come up with solutions to suit their needs and budget, while ensuring their applications can be maintained and are reliable and scalable. To achieve this, we continuously monitor new emerging technologies so we can anticipate trends and provide our clients with optimised, bespoke solutions in line with sector good practice.

Arnaud C.
Consultant, Astek


“Project Manager” tool for an energy giant

The Project Manager Guide aims to provide project managers with an informative tool detailing all project stages, tasks, stakeholders, breakpoints and watch-points as well as regional specifics, etc. The tool also provides users with a knowledge base containing all documents useful for managing the project to ensure internal processes run smoothly.

Astek was responsible for managing the entire application creation process: scoping, modelling and design, development and testing, integration, exchanges and creating a video tutorial for end users.

A comprehensive collaborative portal for a leading electrical distribution firm

A Corporate Social Network was included in the intranet created for this global group, making it a real place for discussion and a catalyst for collaborative, interdisciplinary working.

We produced an intranet to host all documents and information for all company business lines on behalf of the communications directors at a major international group working in electrical material distribution.