Digital Factory
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Digital Factory

The entire industrial sector is undergoing a major transformation, with digital technologies integrated into the heart of industrial processes and offering an extraordinary breadth of innovation, progress and growth. Paradoxically, however, the obstacles involved in implementing a “smart factory” are not just technical so the factory needs to be supported by new operational and organisational models.


Our strong expertise in digital technologies combined
with our business expertise make Astek the key global
partner for setting up a factory 4.0

The virtual factory

Astek creates a virtual version of the factory, using its expertise to simulate, test out processes, optimise production management system implementation and visualise their functions before they are developed in reality.

  • Digital engineering, modelling and simulation
  • Mechanical design and mechatronics to match manufacturing constraints
  • CAD/CAM, production management, supervision and MES software tool implementation

The modular factory

Astek can ensure factories are flexible thanks to its knowledge of connected smart object networks and ability to use data analytics in adaptive, resilient and predictive production and deploy new just-in-time business models based on large-scale customisation and usage data.

  • Intelligent and reconfigurable connected machine development
  • Big data expertise for quality improvement and targeted preventative maintenance
  • Information and Communication Technology implementation to connect up production systems

The real-time factory

Astek uses real-time computing in smart production systems to improve overall productivity, monitor facilities, assess production quality, identify defects and anomalies and make immediate fixes.

  • Expertise in real-time computing, from design to implementation
  • Support with deployment and using CAD/CAM, production management, supervision and MES software tools
  • Securing information systems, cybersecurity

The service-oriented factory

Astek supports the development of service-oriented factories that produce services by mobilising all company functions. Astek provides support in scoping out projects as well as technical and technological expertise and knowledge on driving change acquired through its CATEP and Semantys subsidiaries.

  • Change consultancy and management
  • Process control and checking
  • Expertise in product/process design


Optical inspection of glass quality

The aim was to develop and maintain a software solution to check glass containers for different defects and compile data in real-time from 20 to 100 control points for each bottle.

The existing technology was ageing, unsuited to tactile use and poorly controlled by staff leading to an undocumented heterogeneous framework with over 200 DLLs.

  • Bugs fixed on the development version as well as the versions delivered to clients
  • Progressive automation of configuration generation
  • New development to make using the new pairing function between multiple machines easier
  • Methods documented on the company’s internal wiki
  • Technologies: C#, WinForms, Windows XP, proprietary framework

Modelling of digital business models


Business models developed for the process used to transform recyclable metal into high-quality aluminium sheets for use in aeronautics. Understanding required of aluminium production phases (heat levels for the entire installation, filtration, casting, rolling).


Guaranteed durability and computational code development to allow engineers to refocus on model use and permit more complete process simulations:

  • Evolution
  • Adaptation
  • Maintenance


  • Fluid mechanics, solidification, thermomechanics
  • Fortran, C and C++
  • Linux and Windows (cross-platform)