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E-Commerce Solutions

Digital transformation: a challenge for business

To meet the expectations of today’s ever more demanding internet users and businesses who want to use the internet as a distribution channel, there are a range of challenges to consider: intuitive ergonomics, optimised user experience, technologies suitable for evolving environments, an omni-channel approach, innovation, etc.

Astek builds bespoke digital solutions for e-commerce, retail, distributors, importers and manufacturers wanting to develop their online product or service distribution and sales

Bespoke architecture

From Microsoft to open source technologies, our wide business experience and varied technological skills mean we work on different client information systems and create platforms to suit their needs.

Web design, integration & responsive design

Our UX/UI and responsive design expertise result in a flawless user and browsing experience as well as a product that is simple for contributors to use because of its intuitive interface. Thanks to our designers specialising in responsive design, we guarantee clients can access their products and services from anywhere and at any time!

  • UI expertise
  • UX expertise
  • Responsive Design

Virtual assistant

We enjoy close relationships with our clients and make their points of sale more attractive with new connected services to encourage customer loyalty.

Payment solutions, logistics & real-time monitoring

Astek also provides its expertise to create online payment solutions, ensuring security standards are upheld for both the company and end user. We support clients to produce a solution allowing them to manage and monitor stock levels and customer deliveries in real-time.

  • Business intelligence expertise
  • Big data & machine learning


Securing an e-commerce information system

Our client, a leading European distributor, wanted an information system with a secure, robust and scalable infrastructure to keep up with digitisation and the modern streamlined user experience allowing users to interact from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Astek supported the distributor’s IT arm to deploy virtualisation and high-availability solutions to suit each of the company’s business lines.

  • Created a web-based console to centrally manage the distributor’s server backups
  • Implemented web services which could communicate with the console
  • Designed and developed a console application sending mass action commands to the different distributor servers
  • Created a software application to protect product installations with a comprehensive backup
  • VHTML 5, CSS 3.0, JavaScript, AngularJS, BootStrap, JSON
  • Grunt, VB.NET, .NET 3.5/4.0, WCF RESTFul, WPF, MediaTransfert
  • Visual Studio 2008/2012, Windows XP/7/Server 2008 R2/2012 R2, Perforce

Online booking site for a major hotel group

The hotel group wanted a tool which could filter availability in real-time so users could quickly book available rooms at all its hotels from any range or brand.

The WebBookingEngine (WBE) allows real-time group hotel room searches thanks to its middleware and different features to be managed.

The responses returned by the OWS (OPERA Web Suite) are processed and analysed by the middleware. Before the results are shown to users, they are filtered by business rules and/or the SharePoint repository. Extra packages (options) can be offered to clients (breakfast, bottle of champagne, etc.).

Once the results are displayed, users can book one or more rooms. Room bookings are usually subject to a bank guarantee (card number). The OPERA setup (configuration) decides the guarantee type depending on rates.

Une fois la réservation créée, celle-ci peut être annulée en fonction des règles d’annulation. Cette réservation va être utilisée par l’hôtel pour la facturation jusqu’au chekcout du client.

  • Highly experienced project team
  • Robust & well-managed tools
  • Close support from project leadership teams for quick decision-making on tricky functional choices