Insights & Data
data, représentation de données

Insights & Data

When properly used, data analytics can give companies a useful opportunity to innovate; develop sales, profit and markets; reach new clients and create new products and services. Transport, industry, telecoms, etc: every sector is affected by the importance of data and quick, appropriate decision-making.

Astek provides its expertise to address issues linked to data

Big Data

As less than one in two projects is successful, Astek supports companies through each stage of their big data initiatives to ensure they reap maximum rewards. This bespoke support means businesses can make real use of their available data and makes our approach stand out.

Decision-making / BI

Empowering the user for increased autonomy, speed and productivity is one of the key challenges businesses face when undergoing digital transformation. Astek has vast decision-making experience so can ensure solutions have a “UserOps” approach and use existing synergies with other data areas and data visualisation to boost both resulting gains and decision-making value chain performance: integration, storage, modelling, analysis and presentation.

Data Quality et Master Data

For decision-making or big data projects, Astek systematically considers issues of data quality in the services it provides (golden records, confidence intervals, data field profiles, etc.). How can you use data to make good decisions or discover useful insights without taking data quality into account?

Our software factory

  • Imagine a connected open source solution extracting the most relevant data in real-time and social networks you can use to make the best decisions.
  • Imagine a platform at the cutting edge of technology: a software factory that integrates quickly to meet any and all needs.
  • Imagine a solution that allows you to predict events and tomorrow’s trends, prevent risk and better target clients.

Massive Square Data


As technology should provide support with business challenges rather than the reverse, an initial audit and workshop stage involving experts and active listening to expectations ensures big data is processed in the best possible way to result in proof of value.


Wherever your heterogeneous big data enriched by external sources comes from, we provide serious technological and expert power for collecting and storing it ahead of analysis.


We use Hadoop, Hive, HBase and Kafka clusters and go beyond simply setting up a technological infrastructure to cleanse, process and consolidate data through complex processes to facilitate data processing using advanced algorithmic models specially adapted to the content.


Business model diversification, client experience improvement, process and industry performance optimisation: our data scientists and analytics experts reveal the hidden messages in data using predictive models and DataViz tools to unleash the potential of your big data so you can take the best informed decisions and add value.


Big data solution for Insurance

A solution which combines data from connected objects and social networks so you can control risk, costs and pricing and set up prevention campaigns and bespoke client incident support.

Customer Relationship Management

Profile clients by linking data from connected objects and social networks to gain information about medical risk factors. You can then offer clients a bespoke insurance policy at a fair price.

Risk Management

Map at-risk geographical areas with sensors on the ground to prevent consequences and anticipate costs arising from natural disasters for better customer service.


Big data solution for travel

A connected multi-source platform (weather data, real-time traffic data, state data, social network data) with a 360° overview and revenue/ancillary/loyalty management system to improve the user experience and boost the income of travel industry players.

Price Discrimination

Predictive models to set pricing and estimate client portfolio in light of different insights.


Marketing Campaign

Strategic models for real-time targeted marketing campaigns in line with events that arise.

What the experts say

Nowadays, for all the big companies, Big Data stakes are huge, and it is for me an exceptional opportunity to work on new technologies and captivating projects. At AIRFRANCE, for example, I was able to participate in the revenue management system overhaul: that is to say the optimization of aircraft filling thanks to an increased knowledge of the customers to anticipate the demand, the cancellation, the overbooking and affect rates based on markets, times and events meaning “sell the right seat, to the right person, at the right time”. For this project, the variety of sources (PNR, air passenger civil status records, customer profiles, Amadeus Inventory, Analyst Parameters …), their quantity (several Terabytes every day) and the reactivity necessarily involved a robust and efficient Big Data solution. It was therefore an opportunity to deploy a Hadoop platform, to understand how a “resource manager” like YARN, and of course to develop “Map Reduce”, interactive (PIG, HIVE) and time applications. Spark Streamming and a functional monitoring based on a “scalable” ecosystem (Elasticsearch).

Fabien F.
Astek Big Data Expert

Square Predict is a project with several partners including insurance giant (AXA), three research laboratories (LIPN, LIPADE and EISTI), two publishers and a privacy expert. The purpose of this project was to build a SaaS platform allowing insurers to make predictions based on the data of their policyholders crossed with those available on the Internet (social networks, semantic web, open data …) and to process large quantities of real-time data. The chosen infrastructure and software factory deployed under this project, rely on technologies exclusively open source (Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, Spark, Pentaho …). This feature is an important factor in the growth of Big Data technologies and increases the attractiveness of the developer community. This open source approach breaks with traditional Business Intelligence tools. Beyond the technical aspects, the simplification of scalability has allowed an organization in Agile mode, ideal for multi-stakeholder operation (member of the consortium) with an implementation already DevOPs Ready.

Antoine B.
Information Systems Director, Astek

Customers such as Axa, Global, P & C, Anru, Danone, Imerys, and Unilever, to name a few, recognize our decision-making skills and have developed a relationship of trust / partnership with Astek. We started our relationship in the form of consulting or outsourced projects, and then accompanied them in their evolutions. We continue to work together with bespoke delivery models to each of their context in the form of Skill Center or TMA (mixing evolution and corrective maintenance). Many of these relationships have been going on for more than 7 years, which for us is the best guarantee of trust.

Emmanuel F.
Astek BI Expert