Internet of Things Ecosystem
Internet of things display

Internet of Things Ecosystem

By 2020 there will be 20 billion connected objects and thousands of billions of gigabytes of data being exchanged. There’s no doubt that our future will be connected! The Internet of Things plays an active part in company digital transformation. It represents a real point of overlap between physical objects, network infrastructures (LPWAN, 5G, Bluetooth, etc.), services and security. This revolution affects all business sectors which is why Astek has developed expertise in a range of fields including mobile, health, smart cities and industry.

Physical objects


Network infrastructures


We reinvent mobile technology

Our work improving driverless vehicle response times to reduce accidents on the road. Using real-time dynamic routing systems reduces bottlenecks and congestion which, in combination with better parking management, decreases urban pollution.

We develop e-health

From remote pacemaker monitoring via illness prevention to wearables which monitor vital signs, our experts can advise you right from the initial project stages to their successful fruition using data collected for better patient monitoring.

We design the cities and habitats of tomorrow

Connected objects in cities and homes are smart, meaning they can become more autonomous and develop their ability to react immediately to their environment and the ways they are used. The result is a less significant ecological footprint for society.

We innovate in how we produce

The growing interconnectedness of production chains and development of machine-to-machine in warehouses can already be harnessed and represents a technological shift that shouldn’t be missed.

Astek supports its clients with digitisation projects in all these areas

Sketch to scale

  • Sourcing connected objects to assist with client challenges
  • Finding compatible gateways
  • Choosing the appropriate network connectivity: LoRa, Wi-Fi, Sigfox, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Finding suitable storage solutions
  • Ensuring scalability
  • Managing data governance
  • Continually improving functionality
  • Optimising performance in real-time
  • Remote management
  • Streamlining costs


Home and building control solutions

Astek supports a startup working with habitat equipment suppliers and developing cloud computing platforms (hardware, software, infrastructure and services) that allow its clients to access and control their systems remotely. These platforms are based on protocol interoperability and provide access to different devices for each stakeholder (manufacturer, installer and end user).

  • Device design
  • Organising electronic mapping
  • Setting up programmable components
  • Developing embedded software managing communications with various household objects


Smart meter design

Astek works on smart meters for a manufacturer which can receive commands and send data remotely without a technician needing to intervene. They are designed to make customers’ lives easier and reduce logistics costs for businesses.


  • Deployment: Managing mass deployment, controlling quality
  • Support: Error detection and diagnosis, resolving errors and managing system administration
  • Management: Decision-making reports produced and disseminated, analysis carried out, data exported and disseminated