Processes & Green Technology
énergie & green tech

Processes & Green Technology

Climate change is a global issue. Our energy needs are growing. While the world’s population has quadrupled, its energy consumption has increased twentyfold. The Horizon 2020 programme sets out ambitious energy targets to deal with climate change.

20% of energy to come from renewable sources

20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

20% increase in energy efficiency

In this context, we need to carefully review:

  • Our energy production methods – increasing the share of clean renewable energy and move towards energy mix decarbonisation
  • Our way of managing energy supply by modernising and developing smarter networks able to incorporate new production methods
  • Our consumption habits by maximising the energy efficiency of our consumer goods and minimising polluting emissions

Astek is involved in improving energy efficiency so we treat our planet more respectfully

Smart Grids

We work on equipping smart buildings, deploying smart meters and integrating electric vehicle charging points into the network to encourage more renewable energies to be used in energy production so we can move towards a better energy mix.

Eco-friendly motoring

Our priorities are hybridisation, fully electric vehicles, pollution control systems and optimised fuel consumption. In line with market realities, vehicles need to keep up with the evolution of urban mobility and the needs of manufacturers who are looking for the best balance of autonomy, cost and recharge time.


Predictive engine energy management

Astek supports one of its motoring industry clients with predictive energy management for all types of engines: combustion, hybrid and electric.

Astek carries out studies on and simulations of speed trajectories using tools based on optimal handling to minimise travel time and fuel consumption.

  • Calculating energy consumption savings given driving conditions
  • Improving diesel engine testing in line with regulations
  • Adapting to hybrid electric systems
  • Energy management for hybrid vehicles
  • Experimental validation of optimisation algorithm results
  • Matlab, Simulink
  • Optimisation algorithm
  • Optimal control

Optimising vehicle fuel consumption


Manufacturers are always looking to make new vehicles as fuel-efficient as possible. Astek is involved in optimising vehicle fuel consumption for motoring industry clients.



Modelling engine heat and aftertreatment systems:

  • Analysing the impact of engine temperature on vehicle fuel consumption
  • Analysing the impact of aftertreatment system temperature on reducing polluting emissions


Astek is working on the impact of temperature on energy consumption and polluting emissions through new optimal control algorithms.

  • Developing real-time optimal control algorithms to optimise energy management and reduce polluting emissions
  • Developing energy management algorithms to manage the balance between fuel consumption and NOx emissions
  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • Optimisation algorithm
  • Optimal control

European project balancing electricity supply and demand

Astek develops solutions to manage electricity supply versus demand on networks in a context of cross-border trading.

Astek designs and works on the ongoing development of the application architecture with a software forge used to manage and monitor the technical aspects of projects as they advance.



  • Support over full project lifecycles within tight timelines
  • Solving issues of sustainability, flexibility and scalability
  • Cutting-edge front- and back-end development


  • Java 8, JAVA JEE
  • Apache, Camel, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  • AngularJS, Bootstrap, LESS, JERSEY, RESTful
  • API, SpringBooot, hibernate