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The explosion of e-commerce, online banking transactions, connected objects and smart systems has created new threats. Computer piracy is now a real risk, from our smartphone, home or driverless vehicle being hacked to our whole identity being stolen.

As data is becoming increasingly valuable for businesses, Astek uses the latest security technologies to support client digital transformation in an ever-changing world.


4 billion internet users worldwide


29,000 GB of information published every second


+51% increase in cyberattacks in France


70 billion euros traded each year in France online


Astek protects companies and leads them through a secure digital transformation process.


Predictive set of tools


Biometric identification
Access management


Connected sensors
Embedded equipment

What the experts say

Astek engineers specialising in blockchain have developed skills in fields from creating automated smart contracts without trusted third parties to ensuring products are traceable. This is critical in a range of sectors such as the health, agri-food and luxury industries and payments. They support major clients every day in these areas to develop and scale this promising technology.

François V.
Astek Innovation Lab Director

Astek creates new and renowned applications and algorithms in the fields of fingerprint recognition, automatic number plate recognition, vehicle radar and border controls. Astek’s expertise has been sought in setting up biometrics application test benches (MorphoCivis), developing the NGI Build process (the FBI’s Next Generation Identification), managing software configuration and developing dedicated SVN and JIRA tools.

Jean-Claude M.
Astek Consultant

Astek’s expertise covers business consultancy and managing electronic money projects (growth areas, automated systems, membership schemes), transfers (SCT, SDD, creditor mandates) and new value-added payment methods and services. Astek consultants do upstream work (e.g. writing anti-fraud service agreements) as well as managing and developing applications. We work in each of the three main areas of security: authentication, non-repudiation and traceability. We have incorporated new French standards (DSP2 payment services directive, etc.), European standards (SEPA, etc.) and international standards (EMV, etc.) into tools and have established protocols, testing plans and training specific to certain validation laboratories.

Anne B.
Astek Consultant

Astek and security

As each individual is responsible for security, all Astek staff are trained in our Quality and Security Management System to comply with ISO 9001 and 27001.

Astek consultants take security seriously in any work they do:

  • Audits and feedback
  • Designing software and business solutions
  • Developing software
  • System architecture and operation
  • Testing, qualification and validation of proposed solutions
  • Change Management among different players
  • Handling, protecting and safeguarding sensitive data to which they have access
  • Preventing and detecting security risks and raising the alarm where necessary
  • And, appropriate behaviour in at-risk locations

Security experts add to our shared expertise. They work on security-critical client projects:

  • Consultants authorised and certified to work in sensitive areas (military activities, banking transactions, etc.)
  • Auditors specialising in security audits (especially in information system security, code audits, etc.) who will suggest improvements and solutions
  • Designers and developers specialised in algorithms and IT infrastructure which must be reliable and secure (encryption, image recognition, real-time systems, traceability, duplication and recovery, etc.)


Automated machine transactions and payment terminals

Astek managed the entire electronic transaction flow on automated machines and payment terminals for the world leader in the payment terminals market.

Developing authorisation solutions and rules:

  • For retail trade (sales, transport, petrol, etc.)
  • For all payment channels (in-store, mobile, contactless, automated machine)
  • For all different card types (payment, loyalty, gift)
  • Langage C++
  • SGBD
  • PostgreSQL

Defence and state security

Astek managed and developed applications used in border surveillance for the security and defence arm of a major aerospace manufacturer specialising in geospatial information.


Astek developed simulator applications to feed the border surveillance systems and train operators.


  • Java under Eclipse
  • Jaxb, Spring
  • RMI, JMS, ActiveMQ