Aeronautics, Space and Defence
satellite en orbite autour de la terre illustre le secteur aéronautique spatial défense

Aeronautics Space Defence

This sector is experiencing strong growth with an increase in orders. Therefore, securing production ramp-ups, effective maintenance and integrating new on-board technologies are now the three major issues for players in the market. Faced with international competition around lower production costs, these players are having to review how they are organised and the production equipment they use as well as implement initiatives to facilitate the development of factory 4.0.

This supply chain digital transformation needs to go alongside strengthened security. The increase in risk resulting from now more complex cyber threats and geopolitical tensions has resulted in some countries increasing their defence budgets and boosted the industry as a whole.

Astek has nearly 30 years’ experience in the Aeronautics, Space and Defence sector, meaning consultants can capitalise on high levels of technical expertise in challenging circumstances and support major clients with advice on technologies and projects for real results.

Astek expertise:


  • Products: Satellites, control and command centres, aeronautical certification
  • Sector-specific: On-board electronics, microelectronics, power electronics, critical systems, digital simulation, mechanical design
  • Standards: DO-160, DO-254, DO-178C
  • Interdisciplinary: Project management, risk management, cost management, team management


Product Lifecycle Management

As one of the European leaders in the PLM market, Astek supports a world-renowned aircraft manufacturer to manage the product lifecycle. We cover the whole aircraft lifecycle (order, design, manufacture, certification and delivery).

At Astek, we aim to capitalise on our experience across all the manufacturer’s countries and programmes using our expertise in a range of tools (aircraft configuration management, aircraft lifecycle management, mock-ups, CADDS CAD/CAM and DELMIA software).

  • Tool use support management
  • Close support with user projects
  • Tool use incident management
  • Participation in technical meetings on PLM tools
  • Management of issues linked to tool use

Exomars mission

Astek has contributed to the development of a satellite able to validate techniques for atmospheric re-entry and landing for future European missions to Mars and analyse the traces of gas present in the atmosphere on the red planet.

Our consultants have used their skills on the design, development, integration and validation stages (France/Italy) for locating and keeping the satellite in position.

  • On-board software development
  • Improved test coverage and requirement traceability
  • Productivity gains linked to newly automated testing
  • International project
  • Presence at the launch
  • Space system sent into space
  • Ada, C++, MyCCM, Python
  • TestRT, Java (Vertigo, Eclipse)
  • Linux, SVN
  • JIRA, anomaly reporting

Surface-to-air systems

For a defence sector system supplier looking to create a range of products which could control and command surface-to-air systems (managing up to two types of launcher and two types of radar), Astek creates new applications for the system command chain.

Astek works on different confidential defence projects at all stages of the V-model as well as the software specification, design, development, integration and operational maintenance stages.

Astek has gradually extended its skill base to cover all application components of the C2 processing chain from radar interfacing to missile management.

  • Capitalise on the skills and system knowledge of the Astek team
  • Go from average engagement to a real commitment to results
  • Reduce costs with our expert knowledge
  • Commitments and deadlines met
  • Reduced technical debt
  • C++ Linux
  • Middleware DDS Communication (RTI)
  • UML Rhapsody 7.5
  • Synergy setup management, Jenkins, BugTracker BugZilla