Automotive Rail
voies de transports terrestres : automobile et ferroviaire

Automotive Rail

The transport sector is experiencing a revolution with its players having to meet new challenges around security, environmental constraints and new mobility challenges while having to develop their financial models to find ways to be more efficient and grow in a strongly competitive environment.

This sector is rapidly transforming and manufacturers must find ways to support new sales growth strategies while remaining profitable and optimising costs. Transport is now part of an ecosystem: a services economy experiencing huge change around the growing consumer requirements for speed, personalised service and connectivity. This transformation can only happen in a context of cooperation and innovative co-creation with digital technologies integrated through strategic partnerships.

Astek works on large-scale projects for a range of vehicle and rail parts providers, manufacturers and system suppliers in France and elsewhere. Astek notably has deep knowledge in the fields of engines (especially hybrids) and electric vehicles. Astek also uses its solid experience and expertise in telecoms and the Internet of Things on projects involving connected and driverless vehicles. Finally, the company offers its cross-sector expertise in process engineering, project management, risk management and cost management to help clients improve their performance.


Dubai metro ticketing

Having helped a major French manufacturer create different ticketing systems (standard and contactless) for transport systems in Europe and in America, Astek then worked once again with the same client on a new challenge in the United Arab Emirates.

Astek worked directly in Dubai to install, deploy and test the new fully automated metro system.

Electronic diesel injection systems

Our vehicle parts manufacturer client develops electronic injection systems using common rail diesel technology.

In a world of increasingly stringent pollution standards, complex and innovative solutions have to be developed to satisfy present and future regulations.

Astek has a “Generic Systems” team which provides different vehicle manufacturer clients with the solutions they need to ensure their injection system works at its best.

  • Engine synchronisation system design
  • Development of tools to support automated calibration
  • Maintenance and support for client teams
  • Innovative solutions studied for future injection systems (predictive models, neural networks)
  • Interdisciplinary expertise: mechanics / system / software
  • IBM Clearcase/Clearquest
  • MATLAB Simulink, ETAS INCA
  • C, C#