Banking Finance Insurance
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Banking Finance Insurance

Changes to regulations following the financial crisis and sector digitisation have shaken things up in the field, with the emergence of FinTechs as just one example. Major players in banking, finance and insurance must adapt to changing behaviours and expectations from clients around mobility and immediacy, while ensuring excellent levels of security.

Major transformation plans have been launched, including significant changes to business processes (agility, DevOps) and staff training leading to a new kind of relationship with clients where the latter are the focus. New information systems are key to the success of these projects: they boost competitiveness and performance, optimise operational costs, reduce internal and external risk, simplify communications, facilitate access to personalised services and conform to regulations.

With these changes, banks are being forced to rethink their governance and establish an innovative multichannel approach integrating data management into review processes.

Astek covers the three major sector areas:

  • Banking and digital insurance
  • Investment banking and asset management
  • Health and mutual insurance

We are particularly active in data and business intelligence, digitisation and the cloud (mobile framework) and payment methods (Blockchain).


To develop in this key sector, we have gained specific expertise and offer knowledge about other fields (transportation and tourism, distribution) particularly relevant to the current changes in the sector:

  • – Business expertise: Risk – Regulatory – Cybersecurity – Client relationship & collaborative tools – Business software package implementation
  • – Methodological expertise: Agile methods – CD/TDD – DevOps
  • – Functional expertise: Risk/Management – Payment methods (electronic money, SEPA, SCT, SDD, SWIFT & TARGET2 transfers) – Regulatory (Basel I-II-III, Solvency II-III/ALM) – Financial products – Traditional financial assets (shares/bonds/UCITS/negotiable debt securities) – Financial derivatives (futures, swaps; options contracts: options, warrants) – Financial software packages (Summit/Murex/Sophis/Calypso)


Health insurance architecture and planning

Constant market evolution, the pursuit of stronger competitiveness and the growing role of information technologies are requiring business to develop information systems quickly. In this context, the leading French hospital insurer has become more agile and developed its information system as a strategic measure. Architecture and planning aim to ensure that information systems are coherent and align with the insurer’s strategic direction.

  • Participating in upstream project studies by modelling and applying the planning charter
  • Monitoring and supporting projects
  • Identifying and modelling business processes
  • Identifying standards and regulations applicable to the company
  • Helping build and maintain business repositories
  • Maintaining and disseminating project mapping work
  • Streamlining costs
  • Cleaning up previous and existing application components while guaranteeing users a better service
  • Making current systems more visible through simplification and process reuse
  • Helping to raise awareness of the value of modelling
  • Helping business lines clearly express their needs with guidelines and a common language
  • Implementing active governance

Banking methods and tools

To boost efficiency, a major French bank decided to use a service setting out the methods and tools to recommend to all its subsidiaries. Astek supports this interdisciplinary service and established the key processes to make available.

Astek provides IT services in the following three areas:

  • Deciding on Group standards and guidelines
  • Monitoring methods and technologies
  • Providing support with services and tools; expertise and advice

Astek works on dialogue, engineering and working with management and metrology tools.


Astek missions:

  • Ensure delivery across all activities
  • Offer advice and expertise on these activities
  • Carry out tool choice studies
  • Contribute to building and deploying tools and methods
  • Provide support functions
  • JIRA, Groovy scripts
  • Rational Suite tools
  • FileNet, Documentum
  • HP ALM