santé, médecin à son bureau


With the ageing population and rise in healthcare expenditure, both public and private players in the sector must ensure they provide high-quality services and maximise efficiency while keeping patients safe.

Technological innovation remains the key to success. Players must continue to invest in R&D to improve their competitiveness and effectively keep emerging markets at bay. They also need to keep up with a sector undergoing significant digital transformation, especially around e-health.

Our expertise in R&D and digital transformation and our strong positioning in big data and the Internet of Things have made Astek a key healthcare player and we have been supporting clients with key issues for over 20 years.

Our work covers the whole health sector value chain:


  • Hospitals and public health bodies
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Smart medical devices (scanners, MRI machines, etc.)

We use our expertise in computerised patient records, medical data security and e-health to support our clients in their digital transformation.

Our skills and knowledge in built-in electronics and image processing are particularly used to develop ever more efficient medical devices. Finally, our specific expertise in quality, production processes, automated machines and conformity with current Food & Drug Administration regulations mean we can support players in the pharmaceutical industry in France and elsewhere.


Digitising a hospital information system

Astek was asked to work on a digital transformation project for a hospital group involving designing a new generation of their administrative and medical software programs on multiple media and in multiple formats for use in their establishments.

Astek was involved with:

  • Specifications, implementation, qualification testing and deployment for applications and new web and mobile technologies for the hospital information system as well as integrating apps into the system
  • Implementation, qualification testing and deployment of Oracle database components (processing and data) within the information system


  • Visual Studio et TFS, SQL Server, .net4,, MCV3, C#, WCF
  • HTML, JS, Ajax (Jquery et JQueryUI), CSS, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Silverlight 4
  • HTML5, JS, CSS3, PhoneGap
  • Oracle 8, 9 and above (SQL*Forms 6 and above, PL/SQL, SQL, C++, Pro*C)

Medical image analysis

Astek creates software for a major X-ray machine designer allowing medical teams to retrieve and analyse the images produced.

Astek provides its expertise in designing, implementing and testing developments to software used to analyse images produced by X-ray machines, using both static technology (snapshots) and dynamic technology (video, for example as used during surgical operations).

Software development allows:

  • Different types of machine to be used
  • Advanced image processing algorithms appropriate to the healthcare practitioner’s specialism to be used
  • Interaction between the practitioner and imaging system to be facilitated
  • Exposure to patient X-rays to be minimised thanks to a real-time retrieval and processing system
  • C++
  • Qt Interfaces
  • Boost library used