Services Supply
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Services Supply

The main challenge for players in this sector is to extend their multichannel strategy and ensure a smooth, flexible experience regardless of customer channel choice. To develop close customer relationships, players need to make points of sale more attractive with new services including loyalty schemes. This change is mainly taking place online, where mobile services have become a prerequisite and improving the client experience now means bringing in virtual assistants and using machine learning to create bespoke offers in line with consumer demands. Players in the sector are also gradually digitising their points of sale and developing applications (mobile payment, indoor geolocation, etc.) with bricks and mortar stores having a complementary role to enrich the client experience.

Astek has now been supporting major French and international players in e-commerce, payment methods and logistics with digital transformation programmes for nearly 15 years.

We provide our expertise in creating e-commerce sites, dealing with issues linked to big data (especially using huge quantities of data collected continuously) and decision-making to create solutions to facilitate end user service provision. Astek also uses its experience to assist with payment and loyalty solutions for different distribution channels (online, in-store) given the significant security needs in the field. Finally, Astek supports players in the logistics sector to implement solutions allowing them to effectively manage and monitor goods and parcel transport in real-time.

Astek is a major player in its clients’ digital transformation, designing and developing e-commerce sites and mobile applications. Our consultants also offer advice on adapting and optimising processes and managing changes arising from digital transformation.

We also bring our clients a product vision, particularly for payment terminals and ticketing systems, and create secure payment applications and built-in electronic systems.


Terminal concentrator operating solution

The world leader in the payment terminals market creates client/server solutions to manage the entire electronic transaction flow on automated machines and payment terminals.

Astek designs and implements different payment functionalities (online PIN, contactless card, mobile, deferred, etc.) for the client’s Spanish arm and supports this world leader with its validation and integration processes in a complete environment (payment terminal, till, banking, etc.).

  • C++, Python,
  • Continuous integration (Jenkins)

Desktop publishing solutions

We support the French subsidiary of an international company specialising in express document, parcel and palletised freight delivery services, delivering over 300,000 parcels a day in France and to 150 countries, with its premium desktop publishing solutions in a highly competitive environment.

Astek recommends innovative technical architecture and implements end-to-end desktop publishing solutions for mass shipments, label printing on thermal and desktop printers, client address book management and package tracking.

  • Chrome App, AngularJS, Html 5, css 3, twiter bootstrap
  • RESTful architecture, Jetty application server