Transports Tourism
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Transports Tourism

The travel and tourism industry has been one of the first to go digital. The transformation continues on, firstly, to meet changing client needs (simplicity, comfort, speed, savings, security, etc.) and, secondly, to optimise processes and lead to better competitiveness by using the latest technology.

In this ultra-competitive market where the competition is but a click away, the actual client experience is the key to success. This is why operators are using new technologies to offer a mobile experience which is easily accessible, visual and secure for making safe transactions. Additionally, the use of big data technologies helps anticipate client needs and encourages the development of personalised services with virtual reality revolutionising the booking experience by “inserting” the user into their holiday destination.

With almost 20 years’ experience working with major tourism and transport clients, Astek offers comprehensive, bespoke and carefully adapted solutions in three areas:

  • Technical: Our work goes from web development to algorithms and operational research via marketing, mobile technology, security, analytics, big data and real-time development
  • Business: Thanks to our long-term partnerships we have developed significant knowledge around booking systems (from availability searches to payment), expertise in revenue management to optimise pricing and renowned skill in implementing solutions enabling air transport and rail sector stakeholders to optimise their operations and reduce costs
  • Organisational: To offer ever more innovative and competitive solutions, we provide clients with a worldwide solution, closely supporting them in their own local situations with our business front office teams (in Asia, the Middle East, the United States) while providing comprehensive, centralised delivery at our Sophia Antipolis workshop with the support of our offshore entities

Astek is the only group able to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire sector by working both at the heart of booking systems and with airlines, railway companies, hotel chains and car hire firms. This added value means Astek will continue to offer increasingly innovative services to remain a leader in this business sector experiencing strong long-term growth.


Cruise line booking system

Astek created an entire booking system used by around twenty cruise lines to manage the whole booking lifecycle from availability searches to confirmation.


  • Strong commitment to results (services catalogue, quality and timelines via an SLA)
  • Kanban agile methodology
  • Work carried out on Astek premises
  • Support for client businesses managing developing market challenges


  • C++
  • OBE,
  • Agile Kanban

Integrated software suite for pilots

In a highly competitive market, optimisation and cost reduction are the key challenges. Providing airlines and pilots with an integrated software suite covering the entire pilot experience results in optimised operations, reduced costs and improved flight data security.

Astek created a comprehensive, scalable product with an innovative design at a lower cost using hybrid technologies which works on iOS and Windows 8.1 tablets and on workstation browsers.

  • Scrum methodology
  • Creation and maintenance of an application forge
  • Continuous tablet deployment
  • Agile indicator production
  • DevOps strategy deployment
  • JAVA Spring/Rest/Json, CouchDB
  • Cordova, iOS Swift, Windows WinJS
  • AngularJS, AngularMaterial, LESS, CSS3, Yeoman, NPM, Bower
  • JENKINS, SONAR, Artifactory, Xcode Server