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Telecoms Media

After several years of consolidation, French telecoms operators are now looking for new ways to grow. The convergence of different business areas and diversification of their offers (banks, web services, etc.) both represent new opportunities.

After a price war launched in 2008 under the supervision of the regulatory authorities, the data battle is underway and a future usage battle is already taking shape. As a result, IT infrastructures need to be modernised and network monitoring measures put in place to deal with this traffic explosion and its associated latency, throughput and security issues.

At the same time, the Internet of Things is also resulting in new services and technological challenges around network operational performance (5G, LPWAN) and protection because connected objects offer new entry points for cybercriminals targeting critical business and individuals’ sites.

This means responsiveness, flexibility and productivity are required. Each day, Astek demonstrates its excellent ability to support and innovate in technology alongside partner operators, parts manufacturers and service providers. Our engineers work consistently to offer their expertise in:

  • Rich internet applications (client self care, billing, loyalty, POS management, etc.)
  • Equipment: applications and systems built into set-top boxes, gateways, telephones
  • Infrastructure
  • Urbanisation

Astek works across the whole sector:

  • Studying and designing tools to manage multi-channel products and services
  • Studying impact on information systems
  • Change Management
  • Scoping products and services
  • Websites development and maintenance
  • Creating applications and components to go inside equipment
  • Network architecture and sizing, QoS
  • Communication protocols
  • Technical documentation management
  • Technical and functional acceptance

Given the significant financial issues faced by operators, Astek often uses its nearshore and offshore delivery solutions to solve problems relating to maintenance costs and developing complex applications.


Set-top box

To meet the range of needs worldwide and variety of broadcast options, operators must have a plethora of different digital decoders available from simple receivers to multifunctional decoders (IP, satellite, cable, terrestrial, Blu-ray, Ultra HD, HDR, etc.).

Astek supports a European leader in the high value-added communicating terminals market to design and create terminals which can access different interactive television services (iTV) such as video on demand (VoD), programme guides (EPG), Teletext, etc.

Characterisation of cellular network base stations

This French operator founded in 2010 has several thousand antennae and operates and markets its network directly. It wanted to develop its energy-saving low-bandwidth cellular network in France to allow IoT objects to be connected in.

The aim of the characterisation process was to test stations in hard-to-reach locations and at different temperatures, voltages and extended frequencies to confirm its behaviour in any environmental situation.

Astek created a base station characterisation testing tool for the cellular network to allow radio frequency (RF) measuring devices to be used and stations to be set up for the tests.

  • Python
  • Eclipse
  • Linux
  • JIRA
  • Bitbucket
  • Confluence

Web portal for leading European telecoms operator

One of the main European mobile operators and ADSL internet providers offers web portal hosting and services at its Digital Factory, with public marketing its main partner.

Astek contributed to the development, integration and ongoing and corrective maintenance of internal applications which make up the Digital Factory’s information system.

  • Improved responsiveness and flexibility though the use of agile management (scrum)
  • Effective absorption of the growing application range
  • End-to-end work on over 50 structuring development projects
  • Reduced technical debt
  • Achievement optimised through a DevOps strategy
  • PHP
  • ZEND
  • Python
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS