Critical systems, such as embedded systems, are becoming increasingly complex, connected and efficient. They are equipped with advanced technologies such as AI or edge computing to elaborate their own diagnosis. The necessary know-how to develop and master all these embedded hardware and software systems as well as remote middleware and communication means is now available.

It is thus possible to ensure both a minimal response time and the accuracy of the information transmitted by a complex sensor, while optimizing energy consumption, physical and thermal resistance, volumetry, external accessibility, security, maintenance, reliability, accuracy and availability.

These new capabilities of critical systems benefit a wide range of fields, from air traffic control to automatic piloting of high-speed trains, from nuclear power plant supervision to trading rooms.

Operating such systems is made possible by the simultaneous development of tools capable of simulating their production, operation, use or wear and tear before or after development, of testing and validating them, of supervising them in nominal or disturbed operation, and of analyzing their results precisely and rapidly.

Embedded systems

On-board aeronautical systems, communicating systems for defense or automotive, strict, flexible or constrained real time, multithreading, hard/soft integration, middleware, connected and intelligent objects, ticketing and multimedia: Astek intervenes in electronics and low layer software to design and build embedded and/or critical systems.


Command and control centers, network or sensor supervision, air traffic management, rail or highway signalling: Astek produces complex supervision systems for defense, aeronautics or network operators, involving numerous safety constraints and diagnostic tools.


E-commerce, banking transactions, mobility, connected objects, intelligent or autonomous systems…: astek, which is iso 27001 certified, guarantees good practices in terms of IT security, military cyber-defense and security of goods and people, offering companies “secure by design” combined with a “no trust policy”.

HMI & visualization

Computer graphics, mock-ups, study, training, learning or crisis reaction simulators, Computer Aided Design, 3D printing or computer graphics, virtual or augmented reality, data visualization, “real-time” 3D rendering, sensory immersion: Astek has mastered innovations in man-machine interfaces, reporting and visualization

Astek is designing and building a system for Thales to identify friendly and enemy aircraft, and to determine their heading and distance, for use on French armed forces aircraft.

The equipment designed, embarked in various aircraft, complies with DO 178C civilian standards, ensures the competitiveness of the project, and is adapted to several digital target maps.

Astek ensures the implementation of new functionalities by carrying out software specifications, detailed design, development, testing and auditing and quality control.


Astek is carrying out the system engineering for the C2 command and control center of MBDA’s anti-ship firing facilities.

The solution designed offers sophisticated HMIs, at the heart of the weapon systems, capable of adapting to different operational needs and to the evolution of means and technologies.

Astek specifies, models and validates the functional and hardware architecture of the C2 center and its “black box” and “white box” subsystems for use in operational and non-operational phases.


Astek is developing the design platform for naval propulsion reactors for the CEA, involving a coupling between the neutronics code and the thermo-hydraulics code.

Astek ensures the porting of the NARTHEX scheme on the CORPUS platform and consolidates the developments of CORPUS interfaces in charge of the supervision of the codes and their coupling.

Following the permanent and/or transient coupling calculations in the new environment and the comparison with the previous results, Astek carries out a test base and freezes the validated version.


Astek is developing C2 command and control centers for ArianeGroup, as part of its ballistic missile defense, deterrence and space operations activities.

The solution includes a set of simulation and analysis tools to support operational concepts and adapt to new technologies.

Astek contributes to the development of products, software forge and procedures and provides acceptance, integration, validation and user support activities.