Both the military and civilian sectors benefit from numerous advances in terms of on-board electronic systems, sensors, specialized connected objects, critical systems or detection and supervision.

The multiple innovations range from hybrid and electric motors to Artificial Intelligence, impacting areas such as image processing, doubt removal, predictive analysis, biometrics, cryptography, securing data assets, cyber-resilience, and cyber defense.

The resumption of land or air traffic, the digital transformation of the supply chain and the need to strengthen security and safety are opportunities to develop a profitable and sustainable mobility while developing an economy of services and advancing decarbonization.

These new technologies feed innovation around intelligent, communicating, and autonomous vehicles, up to new supersonic crafts or constellations of nanosatellites.

The secure integration of these technologies, applying a 4.0 factory logic, guarantees production while improving passenger information, fleet management, maintenance, and operational performance, in a period of new private players and less captive markets. It is a major asset in times of complex cyber threats, geopolitical tensions and the militarization of space and cyberspace.

Industrial connected object for Alstom detecting and geolocating excessive vibrations caused by objects on the rails, such as sand, during train movements.

Astek designs, prototypes, develops and mass-produces a low-power IoT including shock sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, by developing, optimizing and validating real-time embedded firmware.


Design, development and validation for Valeo of prototypes of new LED vehicle lights.

Astek is involved in the design, development and validation of LED vehicle lighting prototypes, improving visibility conditions, increasing driver safety and reducing energy consumption.


Definition of the new SNCF transport plan improving the transport offer, of the operational monitoring of train traffic, and of the simulation IS and training of agents in this monitoring.

Astek is a project management assistant for the realization of these IS, carrying out planning, specifications, strategy and test plan, project management, acceptance, correction of anomalies, support, training, evolutions and maintenance in operational condition.


Ticketing system for Conduent for urban public transport (ticket dispensers, readers and validation gates...).

Astek deploys a front-office in France based on its off-shore Global Delivery Center to carry out software development and maintenance of its ticketing system, taking into account local technological and fare evolutions.