The digitization of the banking industry brings many benefits in terms of cyber security, regulatory compliance, system streamlining and customer experience, bringing value via online banking, secure or contactless mobile payment, blockchains and crypto currencies, electronic or digital safes or FinTech services.

Banks and insurance companies are making the most of the maturity of Big Data and AI in analyzing the amount of information they have to analyze and anticipate risks or accelerate assistance to victims, while ensuring personal data protection, resilience, and collaboration between systems.

The digital transition of the public sector is continuously bringing new benefits to citizens in terms of dematerialization, e-administration, digital passport, smart-cities or data protection, while improving the performance and economic and environmental costs of administrative processes.

This rapid technological evolution is accompanied by the necessary security measures, in fields as varied as video surveillance image recognition, Big Data analysis of geolocation or online behavior, information manipulation or the deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Enhancement of Société Générale's reporting to regulators (Banque de France, European Central Bank, BOE, AMF, etc.)

Astek plans, adapts and validates the development of NORIA reporting (IT and organizational redesign for negociable debt securities) for the Banque de France. The Group thus accelerates the digitization of exchanges between market participants.


Dematerialization of ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal) customer activities

In Agile mode, Astek is overhauling the ANRU’s information system and improving the accuracy of the monitoring of financial elements in order to meet the new funding requirements and reduce validation and signature times in an eco-responsible manner.


Development of the mobile application "Aumax pour moi" for Crédit Mutuel Arkea offering services to use a bank card without fees abroad, and compliance with the DSP2 regulation.

Astek develops high-value premium features (virtual cards, cashback, contactless payment, personal financial assistant) while improving application performance and user experience.


Management of the dematerialized Land Registry of Alsace Moselle ensuring land publicity and guaranteeing the transparency of information and the legal protection of right holders.

Astek provides all Third Party Application Maintenance activities in an approach based on best practices to offer access to the best technologies, progress management, continuous improvement and change management.