Our raison d’être

The advent of digital technologies, now everywhere, has become a major challenge for individuals and businesses alike. Since the creation of the Astek Group, we have worked for the development of these technologies, and we consider that the great challenge of digital transformation is to ensure that they are mastered by humans and deployed at their service. People must be placed at the heart of this technological revolution and the societal changes it is driving, just as they must be at the center of our Group’s development model.

Contributing to the success of a virtuous digital transformation for all of society, by putting people at the heart of our development, is essential and guides all of our actions.

“Humans at the heart of innovation. Innovation serving the planet.”

Contributing to today's and tomorrow's innovations is the Group's very essence:

We support our clients on a daily basis in carrying out their complex projects or give them the tools and skills necessary for their own transformation. Making our contribution to new energy, mobility, telecommunications or health solutions – solutions that are useful, green, ethical, accessible and shared – is a source of pride for us.

Human beings at the heart of these innovations are, first of all, all of our employees. They are the actors of our influence, they realize our ambitions, they constitute our most precious capital and are at the heart of the company’s development model. Our responsibility to them is enormous. Propose a peaceful working environment, open to diversity and concerned about equality; ensure their well-being, the development of their skills, their opportunities for advancement within or outside Astek; inventing new operating methods with them, combining teleworking, agility and accountability are both a moral obligation, a key to the Group’s performance and a challenge for attracting talent.

The human element at the heart of these innovations is also our local involvement to give young talents the opportunity to train for professions of the future. We offer them exciting missions, at the heart of company strategies, we entrust them with real responsibilities and real possibilities for development.

The human being at the heart of these innovations is finally our commitment to serving man and his environment. Respect for the 10 fundamental principles in terms of human rights, adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, the signing of Planet Tech’Care, as well as the participation of numerous employees in skills sponsorship in the territories, are all significant steps to put people at the center of our concerns and our businesses.

Our values

The positioning of the Astek Group at the heart of these technological upheavals gives us a role to play in the human success of this transformation. It is a great responsibility, materialized by anchored values ​​which guide our daily behavior.


It’s the desire to go further, to offer our customers the solutions they need, with the same level of expertise throughout the world.

It is the desire to offer our employees a real career springboard in a fulfilling and challenging environment.


It is our entrepreneur’s and challenger’s DNA that is at the heart of the Group’s development.

It is the ability to surpass oneself, to demonstrate creativity and to take risks and seize opportunities to develop an offer adapted to our customers.

Everyone is given the freedom to build and develop their own path and scope.


It’s the ability to constantly reinvent oneself to adapt to the new challenges of today and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

It’s the ability to support our customers and employees wherever they want, by listening to their expectations.


It’s the importance of creating connections in all the relationships we have with our customers and colleagues.

This is the importance of combining transnational management with a local presence in the territories.

It’s the importance of cultivating a close bond with teams, focusing on conviviality and sharing.

Our commitment to our employees:
our CARE policy

Through our #HR CARE policy, we are affirming our commitment to supporting our employees on a daily basis and helping them to grow throughout their #career.


We offer people a stimulating and friendly
environment, by encouraging meetings,
interactions and proximity from day one.


We create an environment for people to thrive
through personal development, meaningful
work, emphasis on work life balance and strong
dedication to corporate social responsability.


We value people’s work, initiatives and daily
achievements, in a fair and equal way.


We enable people to create the career path
they want by encouraging continuous training,
supporting initiatives and offering broad
prospects for development.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Corporate culture, talent management, career development, everything we offer our employees is consolidated in our HR CARE policy, the objective of which is the development of each employee at work.




Choosing to have a choice

Being able to choose your profession, your sector, your region and to change easily, these are all opportunities that the Group offers to its employees, allowing each person to build the path that suits them in accordance with their personal development.

Choosing an experience booster

The employee can take on different projects, both for our clients or internally, on technical issues, R&D or even in skills sponsorship actions serving organizations of public interest, making each path a real experience booster.

Choosing to train continuously

Because expertise is at the heart of its business, the Group promotes continuous training and skills development through an intensive training policy. Online training, certifications, technical articles, consultation of research and development projects, there is a full panel of tools to develop your knowledge.

Choosing local support

Upon joining, each employee is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team supporting them throughout their journey: line manager, human resources manager, site manager or even happiness officer, all key points of contact enabling the employee to feel in the right place.

Choosing a friendly environment

Because the atmosphere is essential in the world of work, the Group attaches great importance to the creation of links between employees, but also between each employee and the company. Local events and challenges are offered throughout the year to allow everyone to enjoy moments of meeting and conviviality.

Choosing a stable and agile group

Present in numerous activities within the transport, energy, telecoms and tertiary sectors, the Group is involved in the greatest today’s and tomorrow’s innovations, while ensuring its stable development.

Choosing to be an actor within the Group

Cooptation, College relations, site manager, the Group offers numerous opportunities to participate in the Group’s development. Goodwill is welcome.

From the integration to the evaluation, through the follow-up of your achievements, you will be surrounded by the Astek team – HR teams, project managers, managerial teams – to share your satisfactions, your feelings, your difficulties and your successes!

Would you like to join us?

Our commitment to society

Our ambition: to act as a responsible corporate citizen in a process of continuous improvement of our social, economic and ecological environments

Making Astek a career springboard for everyone

  • Focusing on support and inclusion of young people
  • Investing in skills development
  • Promoting open-mindedness and diversity

Making Astek a vector for more responsible digital technology

  • Raising awareness and training our employees
  • Developping Green IT expertise

By renewing our membership of the United Nations Global Compact, we are pursuing our commitment to respect the 10 fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, ethics and the environment.


For us, difference is a source of wealth. This is why we strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination in employment and career development.


As part of our eco-responsible approach, we have been making ongoing changes to our operations for several years now, in order to contribute to environmental protection on a daily basis.


In our desire to give meaning and have a positive impact on our society, we encourage our employees to get involved with us by putting their skills at the service of associations.