The provision of reliable and efficient Internet sales channels for e-commerce enables the extension of the multi-channel strategy into an integrated management tool that guarantees a continuous, fluid and flexible experience whatever the customers’ expectations or their means of interaction with the brand, and encourages them to remain in the brand’s universe.

The customer journey thus takes into account, in addition to ease of use, the customer experience on cell phones, intelligent virtual assistants, purchase prediction algorithms, the security of personal data and transactions and payment methods, the availability of new online services and personalized services.

For manufacturers, this translates into the need to better control their dependency on their upstream and downstream supply chain by developing B2B and B2C Internet services capable of adapting to new hazards and trends (short circuits, eco-efficiency, delivery constraints, etc.).

The new differentiating tools are not limited to e-commerce sites, marketplaces, mobile applications and other social networks, but extend to various fields such as big data analysis, real-time payment solutions, indoor geolocation or the management of the e-reputation of a brand, a company or its employees.

Astek Airline Delivery Center, operates and develops air, rail, car and hotel reservation management systems for Amadeus, in particular for the benefit of more than 100 airlines worldwide.

Astek is involved in many software components of the Global Distribution System: e-ticket life cycle, revenue management, search engine, shopping and pricing, booking engine, integration of new airlines, etc.

Business Intelligence solution for tracking sales and optimizing inventory and supply management for Fred (LVMH).

Astek provides corrective and evolutionary application maintenance and business intelligence consulting services, enabling Fred to better target its clients’ needs, help them make strategic decisions and reduce their IT costs.

Mobile application and reservation center for Accor, streamlining, improving and making its hotel reservation system consistent worldwide.

Astek is redesigning the All Accor application in continuous integration, integrating new functionalities and a tracking system using Trackit, and is rapidly deploying it throughout the world to ensure better consistency of the Accor group’s image.

Development of a connected luggage tracker allowing them to be located around the world, offered by Louis Vuitton to its customers in order to bring added value to its offer.

Astek designs, develops and mass-produces 14,000 trackers that meet airline certification requirements for in-flight use, using Monarch technology, which allows the tracker to automatically detect its operating area.

Redesign of the digital horse racing universes in the PMU's mobile applications in order to renew the public image and comply with the new regulations.

Astek carries out the end-to-end design and development of web and mobile apps, both online and offline, and ensures their availability on the AppStore and Google Play, offering PMU a differentiated positioning in a highly competitive business sector.