New methodologies and technologies allow stakeholders to quickly benefit from a successful digital transformation of the work environment, providing everyone with interactive, collaborative and participatory tools ensuring quick and easy research and sharing of information. The current explosion of data analytics is an opportunity for companies to innovate, to control their production and supply chain by optimizing processes and industrial performance, to analyze and develop their sales, profits and markets, to address new customers by improving their experience and profiling and creating new offers by diversifying their business.

Agile, DevOps, secure and mobile by design, business and cost-oriented, innovation driven, flexible and responsive, user and time-to-market friendly and AI ready solutions provide IT departments with designs, developments, tests, corrections and efficient and quality validations, and simple, modular and agile releases. Data science is now making the most of the explosion of data resulting from the proliferation of sensors, the decentralization of the infrastructure linked to edge computing. It facilitates rapid and relevant decision-making, thus enhancing the value of data assets.

This successful digital transformation thus provides businesses and organizations, in addition to increased productivity gains, with the ability to anticipate expectations, offer and optimize quality services and products and ensure a unique user experience, whether either employee, customer, citizen or simple visitor of the proposed digital universe.

Fraud detection, cyber defense, purchase predictions, drones, autonomous vehicles, video games, personal assistants, human resources, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives, developing at an exponential rate, and revolutionizes the industrial sector in terms of system architecture and value creation.

Customer Experience

E-commerce transformations, clienteling and customer activation, experience design and innovation…

Astek optimizes customer relations, online presence and distribution channels, and employer branding.

Business Automation

Modern Workplace and digitization of processes, automation by RPA or machine learning, low code or no code solutions…

Astek improves the implementation of collaborative tools and the performance of business processes.

Intelligent Data Processing

Secure and adapted fundation for data engineering, optimization of data models, BI, data visualization, machine learning and IA …

Astek ensures the security and enhancement of its customers’ data.


Test strategy, functional tests and automation, performance tests, pentests…

Astek optimizes test campaigns, ensures the quality of results and recommends corrective actions.

Astek develops the application for the shareholder clients of Mauritius Commercial Bank, allowing them to manage all financial activities related to shareholding.

The secure platform ensures the confidentiality of operations, from dividend distribution to the management of annual general meetings.

Astek’s intervention ranges from the creation of processes and workflows to the validation and migration of financial data and the maintenance of the application.


Astek develops and deploys Sharepoint collaborative tools for RTE, which can be rapidly upgraded to optimize internal exchanges within the company and create value.

The proposed global change management strategy ensures that business users adhere to the use of Sharepoint, through the visibility of expected benefits.

Assists business managers from the definition of collaborative needs to the validation and implementation of each application.


Astek modernizes FedEx’s delivery management information system, package tracking and desktop publishing solutions for all of its individual and business customers (Amazon, Cdiscount, etc.).

The proposed mass shipping solution, portable multi-system and designed for intuitive, simple and efficient navigation, can be used by the largest number of people.

Astek limits maintenance costs by combining innovative and differentiating technological solutions, prototype-proven performance and test automation.


Astek is redesigning the management information system of the SNCF’s Pedagogical Medical and Psychological Centers, eliminating the difficulties associated with the mobility of health professionals.

The flexibility of the system allows it to be interconnected with the system for the reimbursement of medical acts and ensures the management of patient files in accordance with the HADS standard.

Astek’s support extends from the scoping of the need to the selection of external services and project management, ensuring that healthcare professionals adhere to the digital solution.


Astek builds and optimizes AXA’s AI platform for predictive analysis of the financial impact of natural disasters, improving risk knowledge and assistance to policyholders.

Astek brings its expertise in the optimization of Big Data / AI data analysis for the prediction of the severity of major climatic events, optimizing the financial management of its cost.

The Open Source software factory created industrializes the development and deployment of Big Data applications on a SaaS platform, by integrating specific developments.


Astek provides third-party application and corrective maintenance for Unilever’s promotional activity management Business Intelligence solution.

As a tool for harmonized planning, evaluation, execution, analysis and control of promotional activity, the solution makes this activity, which is of great commercial and financial importance to Unilever, more reliable.

Astek’s BI delivery center provides technology upgrades, data recovery, transformation and analysis, BI consulting and user support.


Astek designs and implements the CRM and Big Data decision chain processing the information collected by the Flying Blue loyalty program for Air France passengers.

The optimization of real-time information given to customers (gate changes, flight delays, etc.) improves customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as ticket sales.

Astek carries out the entire chain from the creation of the BO universes, the optimization of Teradata scripts, processing and data to the implementation of reports and dashboards.


Astek is piloting and optimizing the AGORA BI solution, the basis for the NPNRU (New National Urban Renewal Program) urban renewal program for the ANRU.

Astek’s BI delivery center operates the data stores and quickly produces complex reports and dashboards specific to the different urban areas.

Astek provides technical and business support and ensures the continuous availability of relevant and scalable data analysis as ANRU’s business grows.