The deployment of 5G and the Internet of Things, in a context of Sino-American competition, represents a major economic opportunity for all economic sectors as the use of telecommunication means grows.

The modernization of networks, high-speed home access, gains in terms of latency, speed or security, and progress in the field of user experience, ensure the development of e-commerce, streaming, the Cloud or big data, as well as new uses in teleconferencing, teleworking, tele-education or telemedicine.

New technologies offer players in the sector new growth vectors in the diversification of their offers: banking, marketplaces, web services, collaborative services, mobile and multiscreen continuity, loyalty, monetization of profiling, social networks and influencers, e-sports, management and reliability of content, credibility of information, omnipresence of the brand, security of connected objects, etc.

Faced with these challenges, the difficulty of managing shared infrastructures and the growing importance of streaming and referencing giants, the sector is characterized by a consolidation of players that affects operators, equipment manufacturers and content creators or distributors.

Multi-technology and multi-site Astek Competence Center covering 110 applications for Orange, on functional domains ranging from data repository management and broadband services, to international operator management or network traffic supervision.

Astek ensures on a global contract in units of works the studies, developments, maintenances, supports, engineering of platform, metrology, piloting (MOE) and technical expertises necessary in conformity with the standard ISO 27 001.


Web platform, for Orange Cyberdefense customers, to deploy the market's leading firewall / load balancing solutions.

Astek enables Orange to ensure a rapid diffusion of security and resilience technologies by building, within the DevSecOps Competence Center, the secure platform for the automatic deployment of the most powerful technologies on the market.


Evolution of mobile apps for the general public for each of the RadioFrance group's radio stations (France Inter, France Bleu, Fip and Mouv') according to listeners' preferences.

Astek develops iOS apps allowing RadioFrance to manage its media without using external libraries and to comply with new regulations, such as the RGPD.


Management of orders for connected and secure equipment Smart Environment for the management of intelligent road infrastructures for LACROIX Group.

Astek produces the Web application for managing orders for technical installation remote management products. The Group saves time in the supply chain, standardizes labels and packaging, and simplifies the addition of products to the catalog.