The Astek Group announces the acquisition of the Belgian company Business and Engineering Solutions (B.E.S), a specialist in engineering consulting, with 60 employees in Brussels, and a forecast turnover of €6 million.

Created in 2016, BES has been able to meet the expectations of large industrial groups by providing its expertise in R&D, materials, embedded systems and electronics, project management, quality, industrial processes and purchasing, in the sectors of energy, medical and automobile, rail, air and space transport.

This operation allows Astek to strengthen its “Engineering” Global Business Line, which is establishing itself in Belgium, and completes the Group’s offering in this country.

“I am very pleased to allow B.E.S to continue its growth within a Group with very solid experience and a strong presence in the transport, IT and IT sectors. energy in France and around the world will bring new development opportunitieswhile allowing us to keep our family culture and our agility according to the concept “think global, act local affirmed Bruno Arnould founder of B.E.S.

Nicolas Boisseaux, Executive Director in charge of the “Engineering” Global Business Line, added: « The acquisition of B.E.S is a new step in our development. With B.E.S proven know-how with various automobile manufacturers and players in rail, air, space, energy and healthcare, we are strengthening our “intelligent industry division with high level skills in R&D, product development, embedded systems, as well as project management, quality, processes and purchasing.

We are today able to provide comprehensive support to our customers thanks to our various locations in Europe (France, Poland, Sweden, Spain, etc. and now Belgium). I am very happy to be able to immediately involve all B.E.S employees in the Astek development adventure. »

In addition to its greater than 20% organic growth, the Astek Group plans to continue its policy of targeted acquisitions, in order to reach a turnover of €1 billion by 2027, and 14,000 employees across the world.

About Astek

Founded in France in 1988, Astek is a global player in engineering and technology consulting, present worldwide. With its expertise in many industrial and tertiary sectors, it supports its international clients in the intelligent deployment of their products and services, and in the implementation of their digital transformation.

Since its creation, the Group has based its development on a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, and on the support and skills development of its 7,200 employees who are committed every day to promoting complementarity between digital technologies and complex systems engineering. By integrating B.E.S, the Group plans to achieve a turnover of €585 million in 2023.

About B.E.S:

Founded in Belgium in 2016 around know-how in management and product development, B.E.S aims at solving the complex technological challenges encountered by its clients, global industrial players within the transport, energy and healthcare fields. By relying on its human resources policy, at the heart of the company’s strategy, and by bringing its expertise and innovation to its clients, B.E.S has become a leading player in Engineering with more than 60 employees in Brussels. em>.