On December 9, 2019, Astek announced the acquisition of the Polish companies CORE Services and ProSoftlab, with more than 250 employees and in very strong organic growth for several years.


Thanks to this transaction, in 2019 Astek crossed the € 50 million mark in consolidated annual turnover in Poland with a workforce of more than 1,300 engineers dedicated to the local market.

With very good geographic coverage, with presences in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw and Katowice, the Group is significantly strengthening its position in Wroclaw through these acquisitions, which bring new customers and new know-how.

Astek operates in Poland in businesses ranging from the digital transformation of companies, including development of IT solutions and management of Cloud infrastructures, to R&D and engineering outsourcing, for clients in the banking, insurance, travel, pharmaceutical or automotive sectors.

Relying on high-level consultants, Astek deploys its interventions on the sites of its customers or in service centers, which carry out large-scale projects (up to 200 engineers) for the local Polish market, but also for Asian or European customers in near-shore mode.

The Astek Group plans to continue its policy of targeted acquisitions, which, combined with double-digit organic growth (especially internationally), will enable its turnover to reach 500 million euros in 2024.