Established in 2007, Astek Polska has enjoyed great success, based on the involvement and quality of its men and women. In recent years, Astek Polska has worked on its business model in order to create competence centers to develop the knowledge of its teams and their involvement in the medium and long terms. To support this development, the so-called structural teams have been reinforced. At the same time, new customers have been won by the sales teams. To date, Astek Polska brings together nearly 1,500 employees and is established in 6 large cities: Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice and Krakow.

Despite this strong development, Astek Polska has managed to maintain its fundamentals: to be a company where it is good to work.

Dariusz Korek, Director of Astek Polska, discusses the Great Place To Work certification: “Taking part in Great Place to Work was natural for us: international reputation, many years of presence in the market, references from all over the world, the possibility analyze the results of surveys and meet the expectations of our teams. We also wanted to benchmark ourselves against the competition and against the best companies in Poland. We have developed in an organized, structured way by clearly defining our mission, our vision, the company’s plans, the image of our brand, our presence both online and offline, our recruitment processes and methods as well than our relationships with our customers. This is what makes us strong”.