We are proud to announce the acquisition of the French group INEAT, a specialist in digital experience and e-commerce, with 300 employees in France, China and Canada for a turnover of 22 million euros.

Thanks to this merger, Astek strengthens its geographic footprint in several key regions of the world. In France, the Group now has more than 200 employees in the Lille region, consolidating its positions in Ile de France, Aquitaine and Rhône-Alpes, by expanding its offer with the support of INEAT specialists. At the same time, Astek is increasing its foothold in Canada and China, which now regroup nearly 500 and 100 consultants respectively.

This transaction is part of an ambitious plan to make the Group one of the leaders in the internet, e-commerce and digital experience sector, in order to support its customers in their omnichannel strategy. The turnover of this activity is brought to nearly 100 million euros, or about 30% of the consolidated turnover.

“We are happy to be part of an international group with significant growth prospects and whose strategy is perfectly in line with our ambitions. In a rapidly changing market, this merger will allow us to accelerate the deployment of our offers by expanding the customer base”, said Cyril Delbecq, co-founder and President of INEAT.

“We are particularly enthusiastic about joining Astek and participating in the group’s ambitious international development project, particularly in North America. In this region, our combined strengths, resulting from the mergers with Intitek, Meritek and now INEAT, are opening up very good prospects”, added Yves Delnatte, co-founder of INEAT and CEO for North America.

Julien Gavaldon, Astek Group’s Chairman of the Board, declares: “INEAT has recognized expertise in the deployment of unified commerce strategies and the establishment of digital experience platforms to support customers. Combined with Astek’s skills and customer footprint, this expertise will generate significant technological and commercial synergies. I am therefore delighted to welcome the INEAT teams within the Group.”

The Astek Group plans to continue its policy of targeted acquisitions, which, combined with double-digit organic growth (especially internationally), will enable its turnover to reach 500 million euros in 2024.