The Astek Group was awarded the “Innovation” prize by Numeum and KPMG during the ESN & ICT Meeting on September 14, 2023.
One year after receiving the “Growth Strategy” prize, this new distinction highlights the Group’s innovation strategy, on which it builds its development.
This is based on the creation, 6 years before, of an internal Research and Development department recrouping 30 researchers working on projects with strong CSR or cybersecurity commitments, numerous partnerships with research laboratories, co-innovation programs shared with its customers, as well as the development of the expertise of its employees.
The Group, which continues to grow with a forecast turnover of €585M at the end of 2023, plans to intensify its innovation projects in the years to come.

About Astek

Founded in France in 1988, Astek is a global player in engineering and technology consulting, present worldwide. With its expertise in many industrial and tertiary sectors, it supports its international clients in the intelligent deployment of their products and services, and in the implementation of their digital transformation.

Since its creation, the Group has based its development on a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, and on the support and skills development of its 7,200 employees who are committed every day to promoting complementarity between digital technologies and complex systems engineering.